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Why book your holiday with UOB Travel Online?

Often waiting for a quote to get a sense of how much does your next trip is going to cost you before you decide where and when to go?
Curious about which date range will help you save more on tour fare for more shopping and dining during your holiday?
Fear not if you need 5 travel date option quotations to accommodate your travel companions, or your travel dates are flexible dependance of the savings you will get with the same inclusion.

UOB Travel digitalised our best value packages online for your convenience with instant Search, Quote and Book 24/7.

⇒ No queueing for your turn to be attended.
⇒ No waiting for days for a quote and requote again and again when there's a change of travel plan.
⇒ Change the requirements base on your new plans to get new quote instantly.
⇒ No more worries when our office is closed and the promotional seats will be taken by others.
⇒ Book your holiday anytime, anywhere. Quick and easy.
⇒ Still, our travel consultants will attend to your needs and requests after booking online.      

What's more?
Get more out of your holiday! Exclusive tier up benefits when you make your booking online. Look out for this space for the latest promotion.


Some frequently asked questions that might be helpful to you.


How to find a package?

  • Click the “PACKAGES” tab on the top blue bar OR
  • Use the “PACKAGES” carousel gadget to locate packages based on your budget and/or destination.


How to identify an Online Package?

  • Packages with “BOOK NOW” are online instant quote and bookable 24/7, with instant flight booking.
  • Packages with “ASK NOW” will link you to an online enquiry form where our travel consultant will be in contact with you for quotation and booking.

How to Search & Book?

Step 1

  • Select a Package
  • Tell us your Departure Date (depart Singapore)
  • No. of Rooms
  • No. of travelers in each room
  • Hit “Search now”

You will always have an overview of the package inclusion and notes on the top of the page.

Product Page


Step 2

  • Choose your accommodation with Package Price

Hotel selection


Step 3

  • Choose your flights
  • With best available airfare difference +/- depends on your selection with taxes

Flight selection

Step 4

  • Check you selections

Overview of your selections


Step 5

  • Fill in traveller(s) details, special requests and
  • Payment details

Yes. A deposit payment of S$150 or S$500 will be collected upon successful booking request creation where an unique Booking ID will be generated. Amount of required deposit will be reflected at the next step.

Tell us who you are


My passport expiration does not have minimum travel validity from my travel date. Can I still make a booking?
You may enter your passport expiry with one additional year to proceed with booking and email us your new passport information after you have renewed your passport. You will receive an email acknowledgement to inform you that passport information update is completed.

For example, for travel in 15 Jan 2014, passport should be valid until 15 Jul 2014. If your passport is expiring on 15 Feb 2014, you may enter as 15 Feb 2015 to proceed. Do note that UOB Travel will not be responsible should traveller forget to renew their passport(s) for travel or for any inaccurate passport information provided to UOB Travel.


Step 6

  • Check what you have entered.
  • "Deposit Due" will be reflected at the Package Price area on the right.

Acknowledged all terms and conditions (the 3 disclaimers) before you can proceed.
1.    Deposit collection
2.    Personal Data Protection
3.    UOB Travel Sales Terms and Conditions and Private Policy
Once all 3 had been acknowledged, Continue button will be activated in blue, otherwise its grey.



Successful Booking Request
Once a Booking ID had been generated and shown on the completion page, a booking form contain your booking request will be sent to your email registered and deposit payment had been collected from your credit card. Generally, flights that you have selected had been reserved, and the other land arrangement(s) is on request basis. Our travel consultant will contact you by the next working day to follow up with you and advise on the overall booking status. Although partial of your travel arrangement(s) is on request basis, booking requests made successfully are subject to cancellation/amendment fees unless they are unable to confirm and no alternatives accepted.

Unsuccessful Booking Request
In any case where the Booking Request is unsuccessful, you may wish to try again shortly or contact our office within office hours or drop us an email with the error screenshot(s). When there is an Online Promotion, you will need to provide the error screenshot(s) as prove to apply the promotion mechanics accordingly - No exception will be entertained.

Mismatch of Hotel and Flights information

When there is a mismatch of accommodation against your flight selection or vice versus, an Alert message will be prompted. Select one of these

  • It’s OK - Leave it as it is.
  • Change Hotel Stay Date – make sure you tick “own extension”, then change your accommodation check-in date. If you need extension, amend “Number of nights”.
  • Change Flight – Reselect your flight choice with depart and arrival into the destination on the same date.

Alert message due to mismatch of hotel & flights


If you have selected “Change Hotel Stay Date”, a pop up window will allow you to do adjustment of the accommodation details.
Tick on “Own extension” if you want to have your own pre/post accommodation arrangement. So that the system will not do matching checks on your flight and accommodation details.

Edit hotel details


To change your flight details, you may edit here. And remember to tick “Flight own extension” if you want to have your own pre/post accommodation arrangement. So that the system will not do matching checks on your flight and accommodation details.

Edit flight details


If one of the matching checks failed, message will be prompted again before you proceed to enter personal details.

  • No – You are sure that it is the correct arrangement you want to make
  • Change Hotel Stay Date – You will be brought to the respective area for changes.

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