Staying Connected for Travellers

Mobile apps to access city maps, restaurant reviews, translators and for navigation are now essential tools to help you plan for a trip as well as while you are travelling.

However, you need to ensure that you have downloaded the latest and updated information. With the prevalence of Wi-Fi especially in urban cities, this is becoming less of a problem. Make sure the data auto-roam capabilities of your smartphone or tablets are disabled to avoid the rude shock of a high exorbitant phone bill on your return.

There are many travel-related apps in the app universe and we have highlighted a number of useful ones.

  1. Trip-Planning and Management
  2. Flight planning apps are useful for making flights and hotels bookings. Popular ones include Expedia, as well as airlines own direct booking site.

    UOB Travel has the Travel Smart app for flight bookings and you may access by downloading from iTunes App Store or on Android. It is also conveniently integrated with UOB Bank’s MIGHTY app so you could simply make both your banking and travel transactions through a single app and at the “click of a button”.

  3. Money, Weather, Language and More
  4. Currency apps like XE Currency and Oanda provides the day’s exchange rate and helps to convert units of a currency to another. Google Translate for languages is also becoming indispensable and it provides 2-way translation.

    Weather apps AccuWeather and Weather Channel helps to provide current and advance weather forecasts for itinerary planning as well and helps you to avoid being caught out with a weather change.

    The latest in the world of navigation app is WHAT3WORDS (, the tech giant that divides the world into 57 trillion 3sqm sections, each with a unique three-word address attached to it. GPS coordinates can be converted and the app works offline.

    There are numerous apps to help you get around and for public transportation like rail network, taxis, you should be able to find these through a google search or through the respective country’s tourism website.

  5. Stay Safe and Connected
  6. It is highly recommended that you register your trip with your respective country’s embassy or consulate. For Singapore citizens, prior to travel, register with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website so that you are contactable in the event of an unexpected crisis incident in the country you are travelling to. The US State Department also issues comprehensive travel alerts through its website

    Finally, stays connected and have the world connected to you by posting your photos using social media Facebook or Instagram or simply do a Trump by sending a tweet via Twitter.

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