Duty of Care: We have you well covered

Business travel today is carried out in an increasingly uncertain world with increased risks and threats. While it is not possible to fully mitigate the geopolitical risks or the impact of a crisis resulting from natural or man-made disasters, it is still an obligation for employers to protect their travelling employees with a level of diligence and attention. This obligation is usually embodied in the company’s Duty of Care policy where best practices to cover health, safety, security and well-being of the travelers are stated.

Table below are insights and recommendations from an International SOS white paper based on a global benchmarking study of global companies’ duty of care policies and approaches.

Source: Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management, International SOS white paper authored by Dr. Lisbeth Claus.

As an entrusted travel service provider to UOB Group and to a multitude of companies – ranging from SMEs to global MNCs – UOB Travel works closely with third party specialist like International SOS to ensure our clients and their employees are well covered.

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