Travel is full of pitfalls. Prepare yourself with our 25 travel hacks.

Discover ways to prepare for your travels or tips to assist you in dealing with difficulties that may arise during your holiday.


  1. Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh and reduce static.
  2. Use belts to line your shirt collars and keep them crisp.
  3. If you forget your wall charger, charge your mobile devices using the USB slot on a TV.
  4. Get WiFi passwords by checking comments on FourSquare.
  5. Wrap your shoes in a shower cap to keep dirt out of your luggage
  6. A binder clip will protect the head of your razor and prevent it from scraping against other things in your suitcase.
  7. Going to the beach? Use an empty lotion bottle to store and hide your valuables.
  8. To prevent liquids from spilling during travel, put a layer of plastic wrap between the bottle and the cap.
  9. To stop make-up powder and eye shadow from cracking, place a layer of cotton wool between the pressed powder and the lid.
  10. Use pill organizers or old lip balm containers to organize and keep track of your smaller jewelries, like rings and earrings.


During Your Trip

  1. Obey the laws and respect the local customs of the country you are visiting.
  2. Take special care of your passport and other documents of identification and keep them in a safe place, preferably separate from the rest of your luggage.
  3. Do not carry too much cash or other valuables.
  4. Never leave your belongings unattended.
  5. Always take care of personal safety and security.
  6. Never carry packages through customs on behalf of other people.
  7. Beware of the food and drinks you consume in areas where hygiene standards are low.
  8. Check out the customs regulations of imported and exported items.
  9. If you are planning on driving, make sure that you have an International Driving Permit.
  10. Make sure you are familiar/aware of the countries traffic regulations.
  11. Ensure that you, your passengers and the vehicle are covered by insurance.
  12. Make sure that all terms are understood and clarified before signing the car rental agreements.
  13. Stay in touch with your family in Singapore and inform them of any change in your itinerary or contact details.


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