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Check on stability and reliability. Do cross-check if your MICE Planner’s organisation has a valid Travel Agent license to operate. You may also need to check on whether they have sufficient manpower to cover the operational needs of your event.


Check on the range of services offered. An organisation that has the capacity to help you book your group’s airline tickets and ground services can increase productivity through a singular point of contact as compared to talking to several vendors.


Check on resourcefulness. Compare quotations and proposals. A good MICE Planner would always throw in a unique experience or two, to an otherwise ordinary event/activity.


Check on credibility. Do not shy away from asking any MICE Planner to provide you with reference of his experience and events, especially those with the event type and group size similar to what you are working on.

Make use of these tips to be on top of your event. For details on what we do best, drop us a line at UOBTP-Incentive@UOBgroup.com.