Sharing some of our employees' travel and service experiences with you.

  • Uncle Tan, I was told you are one of UOB Travel’s longest serving staff?

    I am not the longest serving but yes, I have worked with UOB Travel for 23 years.

  • What’s your role essentially?

    I am the visa officer and my top most priority is to secure the necessary visas for our clients prior to travel and that all documents for submission are in order.

  • Are there any particular challenges and what keeps you going?

    We have to stay abreast of the many changes around policies and requirements. We also need to know ahead of embassy closures and send this information to our clients so that they are aware. I am especially happy when I received compliments from customers in appreciation of my good work. I am also privileged to work with an organization that is financially secure as part of UOB Bank. During the SARS outbreak, one of the most difficult periods in travel, we did not ‘cut’ the number of staff or their pay but we were simply asked to go on unpaid leave for a short period.

  • You must have travelled a fair bit being in the trade?

    Yes, that’s one of the perks. I have done a number of staff trips to Hong Kong and Thailand including one on Princess Cruises. The most memorable trip was the one to Hong Kong where we had team-building, where we did a treasure hunt around the island using the MTR and by foot and it was ended with a seafood dinner in Aberdeen fishing village.

  • Any upcoming travel?

    I am planning for a holiday to Hainan with my family in September. It will mostly be sightseeing and eating as those are some of my passions.

Uncle Tan Visa Officer