Sharing some of our employees' travel and service experiences with you.

Yvonne Tan, Executive, Client Management

  • How long have you been working with UOB Travel?

    It has been 17 years... I joined UOB on 20 Oct 1999.

  • What has been your most satisfying moment at UOB Travel or what’s the most satisfying part of your job?

    Working at UOB Travel has been very satisfying over these years. We work as a team and I am glad that I have been of help to my colleagues when they need my assistance.

  • Share with us one of your best travel experience? Any travel tips?

    One of my best travel experiences was a trip to Japan (Kyoto, Nara and Osaka) in April this year. It was my second solo trip (my first solo trip was to Seoul and Busan) and I truly enjoyed it.

    The cities were very crowded as it was the peak of cherry blossom. In Nara, while I was still deciding where to head to next after a round of walking, I realized from the map provided by the hotel that there is a river with cherry blossom trees. I took the route and got to see a long stretch of cherry blossom trees along the river. It was stunning! There was no crowd and I took my time to explore the place and took lots of photos.

    Travel tips: Try to walk instead of taking public transport if the places of interest are not too far away from one another, so that you are able to experience and see more of the cities you are in. I believe in always travelling with an open mind.

  • What’s the highlight of your career or achievement with UOB Travel?

    I started working with the company as an Administrative staff. Over the years, I’ve moved on to IT Department, and am currently part of the Client Management Team. I am highly adaptable which allowed me to work in different departments thus able to learn continuously and better understand my company and how it works.

  • What keeps you motivated?

    Having a close-knitted group of friendly colleagues and planning my next holiday destination.

  • What’s the most important travel essential that you can’t leave without?

    I can’t leave without my camera and have captured many beautiful memories with it.

  • How many countries have you been to?

    I have been to at least 25 countries.

  • Where are you travelling next?

    I am looking forward to my coming trip to Iceland to catch the northern lights before it disappears and to wintry Germany for the Christmas Markets!

  • Being one of the longest service members of UOB Travel, what’s the biggest change that you’ve seen/experience in the past years?

    I have seen how technology has totally transformed my industry and it’s all gone digital – air tickets, invoices, MIS reporting etc. On a positive note, , it has helped saved time so that we are able to focus on other tasks.

    I have also seen a transformation working with UOB Travel and over the years, I have benefited from more training and personal development opportunities.

Yvonne Tan Executive Client Management