Sharing some of our employees' travel and service experiences with you.

Jane Lim, Senior Travel Executive - Team Lead for Emerald Team

  • How long have you been working with UOB Travel?

    I have been with UOB Travel for almost 25 years and it was my first job out of school.

  • That’s a pretty long impressive career stint with UOB. Could you share some of the happy moments with UOB Travel?

    UOB Travel has become like a “family” to me and I have many shared happy memories with many other long-serving staff. I have also seen a fair bit of evolution through these many years which has brought the company to a whole new level. The current leadership team has brought in new innovation, vision and dynamism. It’s really quite exciting !

  • What’s the most satisfying part of your job and what keeps you motivated?

    Meeting my customers’ requirements and having them appreciate my efforts through their compliments always make my day! As a team lead, I act as a mentor to my team members and provide them guidance and motivation in their work.

  • You must have done a fair bit of travelling in this line of work. What are some memorable trips?

    Yes, I have travelled to more than 25 countries including the former eastern bloc countries like Russia and Poland. I enjoyed my trip to Tunisia where I visited the Roman ruins, museums and souks in Tunis. Another memorable trip was a recent one in which I booked a tour package to Korea for my family with UOB Travel. It was especially good value and I enjoyed the ginseng oyster porridge in Jeju and experienced ‘chewing’ live octopus at the Seoul market. The presence of an experienced and helpful Korean tour guide made the whole trip very informative and enjoyable.

Jane Lim Seck Kheng Senior Travel Executive Team Lead for Emerald Team