Sharing some of our employees' travel and service experiences with you.

Johnston Loh, Senior Executive – Leisure Sales

  • How long have you been working with UOB Travel?

    Since 20 Oct 1999.

  • What has been your most satisfying moment at UOB Travel or what’s the most satisfying part of your job?

    Most satisfying part is seeing my customers coming back booking their holiday trips year after year. Seeing their children growing up through the years when they shared with me their holiday experience including photos taken during the trips.

  • Share with us one of your best travel experience? Any travel tips?

    That would be my trip to Sikkim, a highly forested state in East India in the Himalayan foothills, bordering Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Apart from the need to have an India Tourist Visa, I also need to secure a Restricted Area Permit (also known as Inner Line Permit) to travel into Sikkim.

    My companions and I arrived at our hilltop resort late in the night. The next morning, I was jolted up from my sleep by a loud exclamation by my companion. Right before us was a full view of the snow-covered Himalayan mountain range! Without changing out of my pajamas, I grabbed my DSLR and ran out to the open fields and snap away happily. When you travel, you will never know what to expect, so it is always good to travel with an open mind and always expect the unexpected.

  • What is the highlight of your career or achievement with UOB Travel?

    A highlight of my career was the time when UOB Travel’s office was at Novena Square. After lunch with my colleagues, we dropped by Cold Storage. As the ladies were at the drinks counter, I saw a man standing uncomfortably close behind one of my colleagues. I sensed something fishy and observed him closely. He had a mobile phone in his shopping basket and realized he was trying to video up-skirt my colleague who was an intern with UOB. We managed to seize him and hand him to the Police. The media picked up the story and The Straits Times and the Chinese papers interviewed me. Apparently, the culprit was a doctor from a nearby hospital. NATAS also got wind of it and I was presented with a Public Civil Mindedness Award during the annual Travel Agents Dinner & Dance.

  • What keeps you motivated?

    I enjoy the travel industry. There is a constant need to learn new products, new destinations and understand culture norms. I love to share these knowledge and experience with follow colleagues and my customers.

  • What’s the most important travel essential that you can’t leave without?

    My DSLR camera.

  • How many countries have you been to? Any immediate travel plans ?

    24 to date. No immediate plans as yet but it should be somewhere not too far-off.

  • Being one of the longest service member of UOB Travel, what’s the biggest change that you’ve seen/experience in the past years?

    Technology! The industry moved from paper air ticket to electronic ticket and the shift towards online bookings. However, I still see the need for the special human touch and as evident by the regular customers who return year on year, the trust element is still an important factor in the travel industry.

Johnston Loh Senior Executive –
Leisure Sales