6D5N Hiking in Gobi Desert, Mongolia
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Rugged Mongolia is an adventure destination where travellers can see the traditions of the past still practised today by hardy nomads dwelling on the country's vast steppes and deserts. Mongolia's nomadic culture is famous – visitors can sleep in a herder's ger (traditional felt yurt), help round up the sheep, ride horses and simply 'get back to nature'. The legacy of Genghis Khan and resurgent nationalist pride sharpens the experience. A culture of tremendous hospitality makes locals more accessible. In a world beset by locks and gates, it's refreshing to meet people willing to open their doors to strangers.

Destinations Inclusions:
1. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
Comprised of the southern Khentii mountain range, this mountain forest steppe region provides habitat for a variety of bird and plant life. This sheltered protected area is also home to endangered musk deer and moose, brown bear, roe, elk, wolf, fox and badger. Enjoy a day of active hiking with a guide within this park, and check out the curious Turtle Rock formation and enjoy some horseback riding as well.
2. Gobi
Of all the world’s arid lands, the Gobi has the greatest air of mystery, perhaps because it lies at the heart of Asia’s remotest hinterland between the Siberian wilderness to the noth and the Tibetan Plateau to the south. Spend a few days exploring the stunning landscapes of Gobi, habitat for Bactrian camels, Argali mountain sheep, goitered gazelle, Golden Eagles, Saker Falcons, jerboas and many endemic reptiles. Take a drive to Gegeet Valley, explore the sand dunes at Moltsog Els on bare foot or on the back of a Bactrian camel, and witness with your own eyes the legendary Flaming Cliffs, named for the orange glow of the rock at sunset.
3. Hustain Nuruu National Park
Home to the last remaining species of wild horse, the Takhi – commonly known as Przewalski’s horse, was once extinct in the wild twenty-five years ago. It was later that Takhi was reintroduced to Mongolian steppe from zoo populations by the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski’s Horse. Learn about current conservation efforts and the status of the herds found within the reserve at the visitor’s centre, before trying to spot these beautiful horses in their natural habitat.
  • • 5-night accommodation based on twin-sharing, inclusive of breakfast
  • • Return domestic flight from Ulaanbaatar to Gobi
  • • Bilingual guide throughout the trip
  • • Ground transportation
  • • Return airport transfers
  • • Lunch and Dinner for selected days
  • • Excursions, entrance fees and visits as per the itinerary
  • • Extensive pre-departure Travel Guide and reading list
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  • • Recommended travel period is August to September 2017.
  • • Price per person is based on two to travel.
  • • Accommodation in the package is based on twin-sharing rooms.
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