A Toraja Village

18D Mysterious South East Asia

Visit the island where Alfred Russel Wallace wrote his pioneering account of evolution by natural selection. Explore snorkelling and diving hotspots such as the Raja Ampat. Go in search of New Guinea’s finest ancient Papuan rock art. Immerse yourself in the Asmat culture and see the famous Komodo dragon in its natural habitat.

Destination Climax
Indigenous people from Asmat Region, West Papau

Ternate, Indonesia

Tour Benteng Oranye, the remains of a massive 1607 Dutch fortress and Keraton, the Sultan's mosque and Palace.

Rock Islands, Palau

Maccluer Gulf Island, Indonesia

An exploration in the Maccluer Gulf to its breathtaking coastline of natural bays, tiny islets, pristine rain forest, and soaring mountains will have us search for New Guinea's finest examples of ancient Papuan rock art.

Traditional dance from Banda

Agats (Asmat Expedition), Indonesia

Here we traverse through remote riverine lowland and swamp area. As we make our way upstream, Asmat villagers - whooping and chanting in elaborate gear and war paint paddle vigorously toward us in dozens of intricately carved canoes. A walk along elevated wooden boardwalks lead to the Catholic cathedral with its superb carvings, and the museum, with elaborate displays of ancestor poles, drums, body masks, shields, daggers, and skulls.

Banda, Indonesia

Tour the historical city of Banda: a visit to a traditional market leads to the Dutch fortresses and a tour of the clove and nutmeg plantation. After lunch, enjoy water activities in the beautiful waters of the Banda Sea.

Lamalera Village, Lomblem Island, Indonesia

Lamalera is one of the last traditional whaling villages in Eastern Indonesia. At Palau Suanggi, enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving or the glass bottom boat.

Rich marine life in Komodo, Indonesia

Komodo, Indonesia

Walk along the forest in search of the enormous Komodo Dragons. The island is also home to Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Friarbirds and deer. We spend the afternoon at Pink Beach for spectacular snorkelling, diving and beachcombing.

Kodi, indonesia

During our visit to Kodi, we will witness a funeral rite ceremony as well as a fierce martial arts performance on horseback. We will also observe the process of making Indonesia's famous ikat textiles.