Aurora Borealis, Arctic

14D Svalbard & Scoresby Sund

Destination Climax
Longyear city. Svalbard

Cruise and Explore Svalbard

An expansive Arctic Ocean archipelago woven between the North Pole and Norway, Svalbard is one of the last major European wilderness areas. We will find pristine mountains, fauna, deep fjords, picturesque glaciers, massive ice sheets and a home to approximately 3,000 Polar Bears.

Floating Icebergs in Hornsund


Amidst floating icebergs, watch for Bearded Seals, the rare Beluga Whale and Polar Bears. The surrounding bird cliffs are home to thousands of pairs of nesting Little Auks.

Walrus Haul-out

Prins Karls Forland

This is a well-known walrus haul-out - a site on land or ice where these species temporarily leave the water between periods of foraging activity. Here, our marine biologist explains the habits and habitat of these amazing creatures.

Ice Cruising

The strengthened hulls on our vessels allows for the deep exploration of the pack ice north of Spitsbergen. We will devote at least one day here to observe the Atlantic Walrus and Polar Bears.

Cruising the Greenland Sea

Gather in The Theatre to hear the fascinating tales of adventure and to learn more about the region's endemic wildlife and remarkable nature.

Cruising through tunnel, Bear Island, Spitsbergen

Scoresby Sund, Greenland

Explore the largest and longest fjord in the world with spectacular icebergs and fascinating wildlife. Watch for Pink-footed Geese and Whooper Swans, ducks, guillemots, auks, puffins, fulmars, kittiwakes and terns, as well as Musk Ox, Polar Bear and Arctic Hares. Cruise along the coastline, in between icebergs and landings at Ittoqqortoormiit, the main settlement, and Danmarkso - to see the excellently preserved remains of an Inuit settlement abandoned about 200 years ago.

Grundarfjordur, Iceland

Drive along the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, known for its rugged mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, lava caves and glaciers. Visit the tiny fishing village of Arnarstapi where we will find an idyllic setting with interesting lava formations and an abundance of birdlife.