The Silver Discoverer, Silversea Cruises

12D Across The Bering Sea

Destination Climax
Bear Watching, Alaska Peninsula

Alaska Peninsula

The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, with active volcanoes, towering mountain peaks, rolling tundra, rugged, wave-battered coastlines and the largest Brown Bear population in the state.

Bald Eagle, Chiswell Islands

Chiswell Islands

Almost 40 million birds representing 30 species congregate along the coast of the Chiswell Islands. See Horned and Tufted Puffins, Parakeet Auklets, and Red-faced Cormorants, as well as seals during a spectacular cruise.

Silver Discoverer cruising through Alaska waters

Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park includes 15 active volcanoes and Kukak Bay is well known for its concentration of bears and the salmon on which they feed. This is one of the prime areas in this region for bear viewing.

Semidi Islands

This archipelago is home to some of the largest populations of native and undisturbed wildlife in the United States. There are 2.5 million birds here and the surrounding sea is home to sea otters, sea lions, seals, and whales.

Unga island

We will watch sea lions laze on the rocky shores and the delightful sea otters play in the extensive bull kelp beds that surround. One of Unga Island's features is a spectacular petrified ancient forest.

Birdseye view from a scenic flight above Katmai National Park

St. Paul, Alaska, USA

A guided walk to the Salt Lagoon and Town Cove will lead to the Northern Fur Seal haul outs and rookeries at Rift Point. St. Paul Island is also renowned as a birdwatching heaven.

St. Matthew Island, Alaska, USA

Known as Alaska's most remote location and one of America's first wildlife refuges, the focus today is on botany and birding. Add McKay's Bunting and Lapland Longspur to your "life list".

Cape Dezhnev, Russia

An early morning expedition will see us explore Cape Deznev, an Inuit people heritage site. At present, only a small historical village is inhabited and a monument to Russian explorer Semyon Dezhnev stands there.

Whales spotted in the waters of the Bering sea

Yttygran Island, Russia

On approach, keep a lookout for Gray Whales that are often seen in the area. Located on its northern shore is Whale Bone Alley, aptly named for its large number of carefully arranged whale skulls, whale bones and stones.