Yale University, New Haven

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Enrol in a customised college selection trip with your son or daughter. The program includes consultations with college prep experts, professors and multi-lingual students. And have a little fun family bonding along the way.

Destination Climax
Stanford University, California


Meet with your college advisor to get expert advice about all the universities you will see. Then take your family under the Golden Gate Bridge in a private America's Cup yacht before visiting with a Stanford professor, meeting a Silicone Valley tech wizard and having dinner with some friendly Stanford students.

Harvard University, Boston


While the parents are enjoying Boston, stay overnight at a dormitory with students and attend a lecture. Have lunch with a Harvard Professor and see an M.I.T. lab at night. Helicopter to Hanover to visit Dartmouth for the day and even stop for a family picnic.

Columbia University, New York


Spend the weekend in a stately mansion on the Atlantic Coast before heading to Brown. End in New Haven for dinner and a discussion with a recent graduate who will give insights into life at Yale.


In addition to private campus tours and student meetings, check in with an expert on taking the entrance exams, then have a little fun eating gourmet hamburgers, meeting a Broadway actor or sitting courtside at a basketball game!


Visit Princeton and take a detour to see Amish country. Spend your last day in Philadelphia visiting Penn. Get ready to be admitted to every university!