Mount Fuji

7D Japan

Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Culture

Travel to the land of the rising sun and witness an ancient culture thrive amidst modern gadgetry. Enjoy Japan’s visual and cultural feasts as you behold the country’s stunning natural scenery and man-made urban landscapes.  Expose yourself to intricate art forms that include getting up close with acclaimed Sumo wrestlers. The mysterious aura of the land can also be found in its covert geisha culture, waiting to be unravelled. Let us show you another facet of this spellbinding country.


Destination Climax
Meiji Jingja Shrine, Tokyo

Meiji Jingja Shrine

Saturate yourself in complete serenity as you compose your senses in this sacred place - a remedy to the city's metropolitan atmosphere. Witness an artful demonstration of the traditional Shinto purification dance and receive a prayer blessing from a Shinto priest.

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Private Kimono Tea Ceremony

Immerse yourself in an integral part of Japanese culture as you savour the art and refinement of the traditional tea ceremony, privately. And in doing so, don a kimono - the national costume of Japan, symbolic of faith, power and sophistication.

Sumo Wrestling Match

Japan's Sumo World

Only a privileged few get to watch these larger-than-life icons of Japan go through their morning training. This rare opportunity will allow you to witness these colossal individuals excel at this ancient Japanese art in an intimate setting.

Meditation Session with a Monk

Compose your senses after a full day's activities as you spend some quiet time meditating with a monk, leaving your body, mind and emotions feeling more harmonized.

Kaiseki Dinner with the Company of a Geisha

Spare no expense and indulge in the finest and freshest ingredients prepared for a unique Kaiseki dinner. During your meal, be intrigued by one of Japan's distinct icons - the geisha, as they entertain and provide good company.

Hyatt Regency Kyoto

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Enjoy 6-star experience and service at one of Tokyo's finest hotels. The luxurious Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is located in an excellent position high above the busy metropolis of Tokyo and commands a simply startling view of the city. Highly notable is the stunning and contemporary interior. Be sure to also indulge in its much-raved award-winning spa.

Hakone Ginyu

Immerse yourself in tranquility if you have a taste for serenity right after a contrasting visit of Japan's fast-paced cities. The traditional Hakone Ginyu is beautifully perched on a slope of a river valley, offering unspoiled views of the mountains. Be awed as you experience the highest levels of service and attention to detail from the very moment you step inside.

Hyatt Regency Kyoto

The Hyatt Regency Kyoto is the epitome of luxury, desirably located in the secluded and historic area of Higashiyama Shichijo - in the heart of Kyoto. Marvel at the simplistic elegance of Kyoto-type artistry depicted in its contemporary Japanese concept design.