View of an ancient castle, Dubrovnik, old city of Croatia

10D Croatia

Glamour in Timeless Heritage

Let your senses be soothed by the archaic whispers and natural beauty of utopia in Croatia, a country where the fusion of glamour and old-fashioned folklore interweave in daily living. Cities including Plitvice National Park and the Old City of Dubrovnik have earned the credence of being named under the UNESCO World Heritage List. Be drawn into a soul-stirring getaway, combining beaches and sunshine with cultural treasures, time-tested folk traditions and ancient architecture.

Destination Climax
Zagreb, the capital of Croatia


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, and showcases a blend of Eastern and Western Europe. Often overlooked for its coastline counterparts, Zagreb has a smorgasbord of museums, galleries and regular concerts that lie in wait for the connoisseur of culture.

Castle Zagorje, Croatia

Castle Zagorje

The magical region of Hrvatsko Zagorje has the highest concentration of castles in the world. Let your fairytale fantasies come alive at Castle Zagorje as you journey through its fortified grounds and manors.

Rovinj/ Rovigno, a city in Croatia

Plitvice National Park

Be awed by a park inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as you soak in the beauty of its 16 blue-green Plitvice Lakes, separated by natural dams of travertine. Waterfalls connect the lakes, boasting a large array of intriguing flora and fauna with numerous hiking trails. Opt alternatively for a romantic option to explore the lakes by boat.

Old City of Dubrovnik

The quintessential city - also under the UNESCO World Heritage List with marble streets, baroque buildings and the endless shimmer of the Adriatic Sea. One can always find inspiration along the ancient city walls that have protected this civilized, sophisticated republic for five centuries. Soak yourself in retracing history, then, plunge into the azure sea.

Villa Dubrovnik

Arguably Croatia's most exclusive and awarded boutique hotel, and distinctly positioned on the cliffs above Dubrovnik's prestigious St. Jacob precinct. Villa Dubrovnik is just minutes from the fortified beauty of the Old City's cultural landmarks and few strides to everything that Dubrovnik offers to its guests.